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Your Source for Concrete Feed Bunks in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Agricultural companies have trusted Feed Bunk Boys a division of Prime Portable Ready-Mix Ltd. with their feed bunk construction needs for over two decades. Our family-owned business has built bunk-style livestock features of high quality to suit every farm in Lethbridge and surrounding areas. Your concrete feed bunk will last for years as it is built from high-quality products, and you will need minimal upkeep and cleaning. Our innovative construction procedure ensures that installations and preparations are completed on schedule. For any other questions or to learn more about how our services might help your business, please get in touch with us today. We’d love to be of help to you and your project.

Animal Bunk Feeders Custom-made to Your Specifications

Whatever sort of farm you run, you must ensure that your livestock has easy and consistent access to food and water. The design must also facilitate cleaning. Feed Bunk Boys a division of Prime Portable Ready-Mix Ltd. is a feed bunk industry leader, providing the most up-to-date feedlot solutions in Alberta and Saskatchewan. We provide customized feed bunk installations based on the size of your herd and your dimension requirements. In terms of installation and longevity, our product vastly outperforms hand-formed or pre-cast alternatives. As a result, they are an excellent asset to any farm enterprise.

Proven Techniques for Efficient and Long-lasting Feed Bunk Construction

Before we begin building, we will first determine your requirements, including the specs and measurements of your feed bunk. Our construction method entails pouring and slip forming the concrete bunker in place. We use an automated slip form paving technique for completing the construction of your feed bunks and pads system in three days. Hand-forming methods, on the other hand, can typically take five weeks or more. You can be sure that your concrete feed bunks will easily last as long as your farm business with minimum care and cleaning.

Get in Touch with Us for Excellent Barnyard and Fence Line Feeders

You've come to the right place if you're thinking of outfitting your farm with a cutting-edge concrete feed bunk. The decades of experience that Feed Bunk Boys a division of Prime Portable Ready-Mix Ltd. has in producing excellent barnyard features will benefit you in terms of convenience, ease of upkeep, and cost savings. Call us immediately to discuss your specific requirements.


Hassle-free Concrete Feed Bunks

Get concrete feed bunks built for your farm with Feed Bunk Boys a division of Prime Portable Ready-Mix Ltd.

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