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Your Go-to Company for Feedlots in Alberta and Saskatchewan

For over 20 years, Feed Bunk Boys, a division of Prime Portable Ready-Mix Ltd., has been working with numerous clients across Western Canada, with a primary focus in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our portable concrete plant and innovative Gomaco automated slip form paving technology offers a far superior product with rounded edges and on-site feed bunk installation which allows completion up to 6 times faster than older pre-cast or hand formed methods. It is also by far less expensive.

We are proud to share some of our clients with you who have trusted us as a partner for their cattle feeder needs. Please contact us with any questions at all, we look forward to working with you.


Some of our Customers

Arrowwood Colony

Bar JB Ranch

Belle Plaine Colony

Blue Ridge Colony

Border Line Feeders Inc.

Bruce Farms

Buffalo Plains Cattle Company

Casey Gouw

Cattle Land

Ceylon Gap Feeders Inc.

Chadwick Agrifoods

Chapman Cattle Co.

Chinook Feeders

Coal Creek Partnership

Delta Cattle Ltd.

Diamond 2 Feeders

Dry-Land Feeders Ltd.

Elk Water Farming Co Ltd.

Everet Beekman

Ewelme Farming Ltd.

Goodbrand Land & Cattle Inc.

Grandview Cattle Feeders Ltd.

Greg Appleyard

Groenenboom Holdings Ltd.

GW Murray Ranches Ltd.

Highway 52 Feeders

Horizon Cattle Co.

James Hargrave

JGL Livestock

John McDougold

Kasko Cattle Company

KCL Cattle Company Ltd.

KFL Farms Ltd.

Korova Feeders Ltd.

Lakeside Feeders

Layton Bezan

Lazy H Ranches

Lyle Freimark

Madge Farms Ltd.

Monarch Feeders Ltd.

Murray Lake Colony Farming

Nelson Family Ranches Ltd.

Nolan Cattle Company Ltd.

Park Land Cattle Co.

PCL Construction Management Inc

Peter Vissers

Rattlesnake Feeders Ltd.

Red Coat Feeders

Rimrock Feeders Ltd.

Rocking Hart Range

Roemmele Farms Ltd.

Ryan Van Hall

Schlamp Cattle Co.

Schooten & Sons Feed Yard Ltd.

Sears Ranch

Serfas Farms Ltd.

Shelter Valley Land & Cattle

Shipwheel Cattle Feeders Ltd

South Island Feeders

Southwood Stock Farms

Spring Point Colony

Spring View Colony

Stronks Feedlot Ltd.

Sunset Feeders Ltd.

Thompson Colony

U2 Ranch Ltd.

Van Raay Paskal Farms Ltd.

Westwood Land & Cattle Ltd.

White Lake Colony

Wiseman Feeders

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Customer satisfaction

The combination of knowledge and innovative technology offers a far superior product that is less expensive and is completed up to 6 times faster.

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