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Your Source for Concrete Admixtures in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Prime Portable Ready-Mix Ltd. is a local distributor for BASF ad mixtures and fiber mesh for concrete production.

Our distribution center is located in Southern Alberta and offers same-day pickup options, dispensing in bulk to self-provided totes.

Adding value and reliability to concrete production and construction

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Prime Portable Ready Mix Ltd. provides a complete portfolio of high-quality admixtures that improve the placing, pumping, finishing, and long-term performance of concrete

We, at Prime Portable Ready Mix Ltd. are passionate about providing our customers with solutions to enhance concrete performance by: 

  • Providing innovative technologies in response to customer & Industry needs
  • Providing product selection and specification guidance for admixture technologies
  • Providing concrete mix designs optimized for performance and sustainability
  • Providing concrete that is tested in world-class laboratories
  • Providing technical expertise and troubleshooting

What technology are you looking for? We carry a range of BASF ad mixtures

  • Accelerators & Retarders
  • Air Entrainers & Foaming Agents
  • Alkali-Silica Reactivity Inhibitors
  • Anti-Washout
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Crystalline Waterproofing
  • Integral Liquid Color
  • Plasticizers for Dry Cast
  • Returned Concrete Treatment
  • Shrinkage & Crack Reducers
  • Silica Fume
  • Viscosity & Rheology Modifiers
  • Water Reducers
  • Water Repellent & Efflorescence Control
  • Workability Retainers

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Request a pick up or a consultation on product inventory and pricing


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